Advertising Week 2017

Objective: Adobe asked 7D8 to create an experience that would place Adobe as the #1 Share of Voice at Advertising Week in NYC. The objective was also to build awareness of Ad Cloud.

Solution: We helped Adobe ignite conversations about transparency. We did this by embracing radical honesty to create a safe space for confessions of marketing mistakes. Through these conversations, we built awareness of Adobe Ad Cloud, and how its tools help evaluate in real time what’s working in your marketing, and what’s not.

We created three separate environments for transparency around the city. We created a glass-walled tank in the middle of Times Square for Adobe to hold live-broadcast interviews with marketing experts. We created a "black box" confessional booth where Advertising Week participants could confess their anonymous marketing mistakes. And last, we produced a live-streamed Think Tank where 9 industry experts discussed the future of advertising.


  • Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Event Design/Production
  • Broadcast Design/Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Writing
  • Video/Motion Graphics
  • Social Media Content
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