Brand Identity & Packaging

Objective: After years of working for some of the world’s top beauty brands, award-winning product developer Shannon Tor decided to create his own hair care line. He came to 7D8 to establish a brand that reflected a desire to educate consumers, changing the way they think about hair care.

Solution: 7D8 built a brand identity—TOR—around the founder’s name and his approach to product formulation. 7D8 conducted research to find the products’ place in the boutique salon hair care market. The line focuses on types of hair (fine/thin, medium/thick, and curly) rather than advertising end results (i.e. moisture, volume, etc.). We created a system around this differentiation point by drawing three gestures. The hand-drawn charcoal gestures became the key visual, balancing the brand between art/fashion and apothecary/science.


  • Brand Strategy/Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Collateral
  • Photography
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